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Will My Cracked Tooth Need a Crown?

My top left tooth behind the canine has a hairline crack. I fell two days ago while doing some yardwork and landed on my left side. My face hit the ground first. My mouth didn’t bleed, but the left side of it is swollen. When I checked my teeth after the fall, they looked okay, […]


What Are the Oral Hygiene Risks for a Fixed Implant Denture?

I want to replace my upper and lower dentures with implant dentures because my jawbone is shrinking. Although fixed dentures seem nice, I am concerned about oral hygiene risks. I have worn dentures for 12 years, and every night, I remove them to clean my mouth, gums, tongue, and denture. I take care of my […]


What Type of Anesthesia for Wisdom Teeth Removal at Age 44?

I am 44 years old, and my wisdom teeth are starting to hurt for the first time. None of the teeth have fully erupted, but the top and left teeth are sore. I know that I need them removed, but I am concerned about complications and pain. What type of anesthesia would a dentist give […]

2425 S Stearman Dr.
Suite 111
Chandler, AZ 85286
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