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Will My Dental Crown Stop Falling Off After Crown Lengthening?

Posted by AllSmiles

My dentists said I need a crown lengthening to expose more of my tooth for bonding my new crown. The crown has fallen off three times in five months. When the crown fell off two weeks ago, I noted that the base of my tooth was darker than before. The crown is loose again; I fear losing it if it falls off again. I am worried that I will need another round of sedation for impressions and a new crown. – Stephanie from Fort Wayne, IN



We understand your concerns.

Do You Need Crown Lengthening to Retain a Dental Crown?

Crown lengthening is a procedure that removes enough gum tissue to expose more of a tooth and help it retain a crown. A dentist may use crown lengthening when most of the tooth’s crown is broken or decayed. However, a dentist should evaluate your tooth before placing a crown to determine how to retain it. Unfortunately, your dentist did not recommend crown lengthening until the crown fell off three times. We recommend getting a second opinion instead of allowing your dentist to try again.

Can You Avoid Crown Lengthening?

Dental crown for a molar tooth
A dentist with advanced cosmetic dentistry training can determine whether you need crown lengthening to to secure your dental crown

Sometimes, a dentist can avoid crown lengthening by being ultra-conservative while tapering your tooth, which may include cutting grooves into the tooth’s sides. No doubt your dentist plans to make a new crown anyway, so seeing a skilled cosmetic dentist will give you predictable results and a crown that fits well. Dr. Walden or Dr. Beavers would need to examine your tooth to determine why it is turning dark, but your new dentist will identify the cause.

You received a crown that cannot fulfill its function because it keeps falling off. If you or your insurance company have paid any portion of the crown cost, your dentist should refund you both. Otherwise, complain to the dental board and the insurance company. Ask for a refund, and do not pay for the crown. Some patients prefer to see a second-opinion dentist and get details on their tooth preparation or the crown to take to the former dentist as documentation before asking for a refund.

Speak with your new dentist about your anxiety and sedation options. It will be worth it to get a new, comfortable crown that looks natural.


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