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Will My Dental Implant Break If My Dentist Keeps Changing the Crown?

Posted by AllSmiles

After trying to correct my implant crown color three times, my dentist gave up. It’s a shame that he is so prideful that he can’t admit that he doesn’t know how to match the crown with my right front teeth. She told me I was fortunate that the crown fit well after all my requests to correct the color. I shouldn’t need to ask my dentist to correct my crown color, but I had to initiate the correction each time. The color still isn’t right. I’m exhausted and can’t talk to my dentist about this anymore. I’m concerned that if I try again with another dentist, it might ruin my dental implant. Are my choices to risk ruining the implant and giving up on the crown color? Thanks. Szymon


We recommend getting a second opinion from a skilled cosmetic dentist.

Will a Dental Implant Break After Repeated Crown Changes?

Model of a dental implant with labels for the artificial root, abutment (connector), and implant crown
Get a second opinion if your dentist can’t match your implant crown to surrounding teeth.

Whether your dental implant breaks after repeated crown changes depends on your dentist’s technique and experience. A skilled dentist can grind off the crown without damaging the dental implant. However, if your dentist cannot match your implant crown to your natural teeth, it’s best to find a dentist who can.

How to Match an Implant Crown to Adjacent Teeth

Matching an implant crown to your surrounding teeth requires advanced training and experience. Even skilled cosmetic dentists work patiently with a ceramist to achieve a perfect match. It may take several tries. A cosmetic dentist may use steps to ensure your implant crown matches your teeth:

  • Draw a color map of the crown for the ceramist to match the crown to your natural teeth
  • Provide written instructions for the crown’s base color
  • Draw areas on the color map where the ceramist should add tints to the crown that mimic your natural teeth
  • Use high-quality digital photographs to take pictures of a temporary crown on your tooth
  • Look for areas of the temporary crown that require correction and send instructions to the ceramist
  • Cement the crown only after achieving a perfect color match and getting your approval

Most dentists are happy to achieve a close match between an implant crown and your natural teeth. However, without advanced cosmetic dentistry training, a dentist may not be able to achieve natural-looking results.

See a Cosmetic Dentist for a New Implant Crown

Look for at least two cosmetic dentists in your area and schedule consultations. A cosmetic dentist will ensure the shade, translucence, and other characteristics of your implant crown match your natural teeth.

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