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My Dentist Wants to Remove an Implant He Placed in Shallow Bone

Posted by AllSmiles

Before getting a dental implant, my doctor told me I had enough bone for it. My dentist spoke with me in the recovery room after surgery and said that the bone was poor, but he placed the implant anyway. That was three months ago. My dentist said the bone isn’t healing around the implants, so he wants to remove it and place a bridge instead. I want a refund, not a dental bridge. Can I get my money back? I would like to know what to do or say before asking for a refund. He shouldn’t have placed the implant once my dentist saw that the bone wasn’t good enough. Thanks. Yijin


Your dentist should refund you if a dental implant cannot support your replacement tooth. Implied warranty is a legal principle that says if you paid for a service or product, it should operate as intended. Your dental implant is malfunctioning because your dentist placed it in inadequate bone. Your dentist says he cannot place a dental implant but recommends a bridge. You don’t want a dental bridge, so your dentist owes you a refund.

Your description of your oral surgery sounds like your dentist didn’t gather enough diagnostic information (X-ray and 3D CT scan) before placing the implant. Even though your dentist could see the low bone density, he placed the implant anyway. If the situation is as described, your dentist may be guilty of malpractice and owe you more than a refund. You may be eligible for compensation for the inconvenience, trauma, and risks of placing your dental implant in shallow bone.

What Are Your Options If You Lack Enough Jawbone for an Implant?

Dental implant with implant crown, abutment, and artificial root labeled
Dental implant

You may be eligible for bone grafting if you lack enough jawbone for dental implants. A grafting procedure will build up the lost bone. The graft will heal in several months and be ready for a dental implant. A dental bridge is unnecessary unless you are not a candidate for bone grafting.

We recommend scheduling a consultation with a periodontist or an oral surgeon for an exam and CT scan. Afterward, the specialist can explain your options.

You can use the results from your consultation as leverage when asking your dentist for a refund. If your dentist hesitates, you can explain that you will report the issue to the state dental Board. You can also file a complaint with your dental insurance company if applicable. Hopefully, your dentist will resolve the issue and pay for your continued care without initiating a malpractice case.

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