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I Want a Large Front-Teeth Gap Closed Without Braces

Posted by AllSmiles

Close-up of a woman's smile with a large front teeth gapWhat are my options for a large front tooth gap? I know braces are one option, but I am self-conscious about them. Is there anything else for a 6mm to 8mm gap? I have not scheduled consultations yet, but I want to know what to expect when seeing a dentist. Thanks. Bridget


You were wise to research upfront to help you discern whether the recommended treatment options are realistic.

What Are the Treatment Options for a Large Gap?

Treatment options for a large gap include braces and porcelain veneers. A skilled cosmetic dentist can conceal small gaps with dental bonding.


Metal braces, braces with clear brackets, or thin clear aligners can close a large gap. A 6mm to 8mm gap is large, so braces are likely a skilled dentist’s first recommendation. If you are hesitant about wearing braces, clear thin aligners can close the gap without people noticing you are wearing them.

Porcelain Veneers

A cosmetic dentist with post-graduate training may be able to fill the gap and reshape surrounding teeth with porcelain veneers. The dentist must work with a master ceramist at a dental lab to ensure the veneers match the shade and characteristics of your surrounding teeth. Closing a gap with porcelain veneers requires extensive training and experience, so look for a dentist with experience treating cases like yours. However, do not allow a dentist to shave down healthy teeth and use dental crowns to conceal the gap. Dental crowns are an aggressive treatment option for a gap.


Whether you choose braces or cosmetic dentistry, you can expect some discomfort. You will feel mild discomfort as braces move your teeth to a new position. With cosmetic dentistry, you may experience temporary discomfort or sensitivity in your teeth. Schedule consultations with at least two cosmetic dentists to explain your anxiety and ask how to minimize it during dental visits.

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