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Can I Glue My Broken Implant Denture?

Posted by AllSmiles

My implant denture broke. The denture base clips onto a bar, but when I tried to get it back on the bar this morning, it broke. Over the past three weeks, I’ve had problems putting the denture in and taking it off the bar. I should have called my dentist and asked her to look at it. Still, the break isn’t too bad, so I would like to know if I can glue it back together or if I will need a new denture. Thank you. James from Boulder, CO

Hi, Jamison,

Can You Glue Your Implant Denture?

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Using glue on an implant denture can damage the denture and your oral health

You cannot repair your implant denture with glue, whether the acrylic or the metal broke. You can call your dentist’s office for an urgent appointment. Your dentist will examine the denture and determine whether a repair or replacement is best.

Reasons you cannot repair your denture with glue

Repairing your denture with glue is unsafe for the following reasons:

  • Harmful chemicals in over-the-counter glues can damage your oral appliance.
  • Household glue is ineffective for acrylic and metal.
  • Chemicals in glue are not meant for oral use and can irritate your gums and oral tissue.
  • Irritated gum tissue can lead to an infection that can compromise dental implants.
  • Saliva production and the moist environment in your mouth can break down the glue, and your implant denture could break again.

Contact your dentist’s office for an appointment to examine your appliance. Your dentist will determine why the implant denture broke and recommend the next step—denture repair or replacement. Your dentist must also examine the dental implants to ensure they are intact.

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