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Will Getting New Dentures More Often Prevent Facial Collapse?

Posted by AllSmiles

I watched a YouTube video about how getting new dentures more often can help prevent facial collapse. If that works, I would like to know about dentists who offer frequent buyers’ plans and discounts for dentures. I’ve worn dentures since 2001 and see the difference in my face from pictures back then versus now. I can tell my face is sagging. I wish I had known that getting new dentures sooner might help. I want to research denture brands or types to request before getting a new set. Which denture types are best to help control facial sagging? – Thanks. Julian from NV



Many myths exist about facial sagging or collapse and how to control it. Some online articles or videos encourage exercise, cosmetic products, or other ways to minimize or reverse facial collapse. However, when all your teeth are missing, you have limited options for controlling facial sagging.

Will Getting New Dentures More Often Prevent Facial Collapse?

Getting new dentures more often will not prevent facial collapse or sagging. New dentures may fit better temporarily, but as your jawbone continues to shrink, the dentures will not fit well.

What Causes Facial Collapse?

Model of an implant denture, available in Chandler, AZ from Dr. William Walden
Implant denture

Missing teeth and resulting jawbone loss cause facial sagging. Tooth roots stimulate the jawbone, so when tooth loss occurs, the bone shrinks. Your body redistributes minerals from the bone to other places. Bone loss occurs regardless of how often you get new dentures. Also, dentures that rest on the gums and bone accelerate bone shrinkage.

What Prevents Facial Collapse?

Supporting dentures with dental implants prevents facial collapse. If you have experienced bone loss, you may need a grafting procedure before getting dental implants. Grafting builds the bone and helps your body grow new bones to support dental implants.

Your new jawbone will support your facial muscles and prevent sagging. Then, when you get implant-supported dentures that stimulate your jawbone, it decreases the rate of future bone loss. Consult with a dentist about your options for bone grafting and implant dentures.

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