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Is Swallowing Porcelain Grindings at the Dentist Harmful?

Posted by AllSmiles

I recently got two new upper molar crowns. The dentist adjusted my bite with some grinding on both crowns. However, neither the dentist nor his assistant irrigated my mouth after. I should have asked them to do it. I don’t know what I was thinking. Could I have swallowed harmful porcelain grindings? Thank you. Gino from Baltimore, MD


A dental crown
Although it isn’t harmful to swallow porcelain grindings from a crown, your dentist should suction away debris to prevent it

We understand your concerns. Throughout your procedure, your dentist should have used high-volume suction to remove water and debris. Afterward, your mouth should have been rinsed, and water or saliva should have been suctioned away.

Is Swallowing Porcelain Grindings at the Dentist Harmful?

Swallowing porcelain grindings is not harmful. Porcelain is biocompatible. Although it contains glass, the materials are ground and will not harm you. Dental porcelain contains the mineral feldspar with silica, clay, glass, and coloring agents.

It’s not too late to talk to your dentist about your concerns during your crown procedure, including not having your mouth properly rinsed and the debris suctioned away. Your experience can cause hesitation about future dental visits, so you may choose to address your concerns.

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