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Why Wouldn’t the Dentist Just Pull My Tooth?

Posted by AllSmiles

Young man portraying frustration over why a dentist would save his tooth instead of filling itMy tooth was throbbing 2 days ago, so I got an urgent dental appointment. The dentist said that he thinks he can save the tooth, but if he can’t, it will need to be pulled. He scheduled a root canal for me on Thursday. The pain medication is helping, and I don’t want problems with this tooth in the future. Isn’t it best just to get rid of the tooth? Thank you. Edwin


It’s good that you saw a dentist quickly, which can help save a tooth.

Root Canal or Extraction?

If a dentist thinks they can save your tooth with root canal treatment, it is best to let them try. Several problems can result if a dentist must extract our tooth.

  • Drifting teeth. An extracted tooth leaves a space in the mouth. Empty spaces cause the other teeth to drift and become misaligned.
  • Jawbone shrinkage. The body resorbs the jawbone in the space because the bone is no longer needed to support a tooth. Depending on the location of a missing tooth, it can affect your chewing and digestion.
  • Tooth replacement. Many people who are missing a tooth later want it replaced. Tooth replacement is more costly than saving a tooth. Although you can get a dental restoration, no tooth replacement also functions and looks as good as a natural tooth.

No patient regrets a successful root canal treatment. We suggest that you give your dentist a chance to save your tooth. You will unlikely have problems with the tooth in the future. After the dentist is sure that the root canal was successful, he will protect the tooth with a crown. Your tooth and smile will be intact and less expensive than tooth removal and a dental implant.


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