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Intraoral Camera

Most people do not know what this types of tool is used for. Have you ever seen your dentist look into your mouth with a mirror? Well an Intraoral camera is basically that, but better.

Precise Inspection

Instead of the dentist looking at your teeth through a mirror, this gives a better look into potential problems with your teeth.

Faster Diagnosis

Imaging and X-rays can be costly, but with the intraoral camera, you will be able to get a diagnosis in a matter of minutes.

Clear Imaging

Having a clear image can also help us see small fractures, decay and other major problems that cannot be seem elsewhere.

You See What We See

Being able to look at exactly what the dentist sees is amazing feature only provided by this technology.

Step One
Step Two
Step Three

The dental hygienist will prepare the camera so that it is clean and ready to be used by the dentist.

Once the camera is prepared, the dentist will come in and inspect your teeth in real time, giving you a faster diagnosis.

Once the dentist has seen your teeth, he will either tell you what needs to be done or he will ask for an x-ray to see what is inside of the teeth.

A Little About The Intraoral Camera

Show and Tell

Many patients struggle to understand why they need complicated dental procedures when they aren’t experiencing any pain or see no visual evidence that the procedure is needed. Intraoral cameras allow patients to see the state of their mouths in real-time rather than being shown difficult-to-understand x-rays or listening to the explanation of the dentist. Instead, patients can see the doctor’s diagnosis with their own eyes.

Intraoral cameras are roughly the same size as a pen and are fitted with a camera and light. The camera then transmits the images to a computer screen or television monitor. You’ll be able to see right away a fractured tooth, abscess, or cavity. In the case of the intraoral camera, a picture may be worth more than a thousand words!

A Little About The Intraoral Camera

What Is The Intraoral Camera?

The intraoral camera allows us to view your teeth and gums with more precise clarity. The camera helps us identify early any underlying dental issues or concerns so that we can treat them early and more accurately. A faster, more accurate diagnosis means less chair time for you!

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