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Porcelain Veneers

Whether you have a chipped, decayed, or uneven teeth, porcelain veneers are the perfect option to complete your smile makeover.

Worn Enamel

If you have enamel that has been worn over the years, veneers are the perfect alternative to keeping your smile while keeping your teeth.

Uneven Teeth

Most people that do not get braces in their life have uneven teeth. This can be due to many different reasons.

Wear & Tear

Over your lifetime, there are times when you crack a tooth, but sometimes your teeth just get worn down over time.

Permentant Stains

These types of stains can be the cause of something even back to when you were a child, but can be solved very quickly.

Step One
Step Two
Step Three

During your consultation, Dr. Walden will evaluate the condition of your teeth, discussing your expectations and goals for the treatment. Dr. Walden will inform you of all of your options and help you to determine whether porcelain veneers are the right method for you to straighten and whiten teeth.

In your second visit, your teeth will be prepared. Dr. Walden will remove ½ millimeter of tooth enamel to accommodate the placement of the veneers without compromising your bite. Once your teeth have been reshaped, an impression of your mouth will be taken from which your veneers will be designed.

Your veneers will be placed in your third appointment, approximately three weeks later. Dr. Walden will check the color and shape of your veneers, making any necessary adjustments. Your natural teeth will be cleaned and etched, which will facilitate a stronger bond. Dental cement is applied and the veneers are placed. Dr. Walden will take the time to move the veneers into their ideal position before activating the cement with a dental laser. You will leave our office with a brilliant new smile.

A Little About Veneers

Transform Your Smile

Want to straighten and whiten teeth without months of braces and cosmetic dentistry appointments? Porcelain veneers can dramatically transform your smile in as little as three visits. Veneers are thin shells that cover your own natural teeth, changing their shape, size, and color. If you want a beautiful, white, even smile, schedule an appointment with Dr. William Walden for porcelain veneers in Chandler, AZ. 

A Little About Veneers

Proper Care

Your new veneers are designed to last 10 or more years. Following proper care instruction is critical to long term success of your veneers. Dr. Walden may recommend subtle changes in diet or a nightguard, if you grind your teeth while you sleep.

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