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Root Canals

Getting severe pain in one of your teeth can be very bothersome. If you have been dealing with this kind of pain for a long while, it might be time to come in for a checkup and get that tooth taken care.

Deep or Sever Tooth Decay

Over years your tooth can start to rot due to bad oral hygiene, or even the foods you eat every day. This can create deep decay.

Injured Tooth

When you’re playing sports or roughhousing, you can get hit and not even notice, but overtime, a crack can be the cause of severe decay.

A Facture

once your tooth is fractured, bacteria and food can get stuck in there, and over time it can cause your tooth to decay into the roots.

Repeated Infection or Cavtities

A tooth that has been worked on multiple times in the last few years can be a high-risk tooth because of all the enamel that is gone.

Step One
Step Two
Step Three

Dr. Walden may perform a root canal when the pulp of your tooth is infected or inflamed from tooth decay. The pulp is the soft tissue inside of your tooth which contains blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves. Dr. Walden will first administer a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth and then create an opening in the top of your tooth. 

He will then access and remove the pulp, clean the pulp chamber and the root canals, and then seal them off.

 A crown will then be placed over the tooth, protecting its structure and allowing you to chew properly. Your crown will be shaped and tinted to match the surrounding teeth to ensure that the crown does not detract from the beauty of your smile.

A Little About Root Canals

Restore Teeth Health

Tooth decay and infection can cause severe pain and discomfort as well as tooth sensitivity to extreme temperatures of heat or cold. You may also notice swelling or an abscess in the area around the tooth. These are all signs that you may have an infected tooth pulp. Schedule a consultation with Dr. William Walden to determine whether you need a root canal in Chandler, AZ. It can save your infected tooth and prevent the spread of infection to other oral structures.

A Little About Root Canals

Why Do You Need A Root Canal?

Root canals are necessary when the pulp layer of a tooth becomes infected. Infection can lead to the loss of a tooth so it is necessary to remove the infection with root canal therapy. The procedure is generally comfortable and saves the natural tooth, prevents the spread of infection, and returns the smile to complete health. Click on a thumbnail to the right to view the steps.

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