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Chandler Cater to Cowards Dentist

a "cater to cowards" dentist's patient looking at her teethIf you’re searching for a “cater to cowards dentist,” you’re probably one of the 36 percent of people who fear visiting the dentist. Unfortunately, this might cause you to put off routine care, like dental cleanings. Over time, plaque builds up, decay occurs, and soon you have cavities. That’s why it’s typical for patients with severe dental anxiety to also have a lot of dental decay. For many sufferers, dental phobias begin in childhood. A common trigger is a painful experience in the dentist’s chair, especially if the dentist who was treating you didn’t seem to care about your pain.

How We Cater to Cowards

If you’ve been putting off dental care, please know it’s our job to make you feel welcome, comfortable, and safe in our office. We have lots of experience taking care of highly anxious patients with a combination of a warm chairside manner and sedation dentistry. With sedation, you won’t feel pain or anxiety during your appointment, and you’ll leave our office with a healthier mouth. Sedation dentistry offers a pathway to a lifetime of healthy smiling for anxious patients.

Sedation Dentistry

If you’re afraid, you feel pain more acutely. That’s why anxious patients often have trouble getting numb at the dentist. Often even multiple injections of novocaine don’t work without treating the anxiety. Dr. Walden can sedate you so you don’t feel anxious, which will make the novocaine more effective. Once you’re completely comfortable and numb, he will begin your dental work.

Depending on how sleepy you want to be, Dr. Walden can prescribe either oral, nitrous oxide, or IV sedation. If you need to return to work after your appointment, nitrous oxide may be best for you. This sedative is a gas that you’ll breathe in during your visit. As soon as your appointment is over, you will be clear-headed again.

a cater to cowards dentist giving care to a sedated patientOral sedation requires only that you take a pill before your appointment. However, after your visit, you will need a ride home. IV sedation will also leave you too groggy to drive home after your appointment. With sedation, you probably will not remember your dental care.

Dr. Walden has advanced training in sedation dentistry and was one of the first general dentists in Arizona to offer it. At Walden Beavers Dental Group, we cater to cowards. To make a sedation dentistry appointment, please call us at 480-755-1661 or fill out this form, and we will call you.

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