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Chandler ClearChoice Reviews

ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers is a national network of dental offices. While the offices are individually owned, ClearChoice headquarters in Colorado provides management and marketing services, and practices are similar in all their offices. If you’re considering dental implants, you may have heard of them since they invest heavily in advertising.

ClearChoice often receives good marks for friendliness and clinical expertise. However, patient reviews frequently cite concerns about the cost and value of services. Some comments we have received from patients also complain about high-pressure sales tactics. Dentists also criticize some of their tactics, such as using sales people for treatment plan presentations rather than the dentist, and for what some feel is a one-size-fits-all treatment planning where people are encouraged to have all their remaining teeth extracted and all-on-4 dental implants placed when there may be other options for them.

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ClearChoice Reviews

Here is a link to Yelp reviews for the Chandler ClearChoice location. You can find similar reviews for other locations.

If you browse Yelp for ClearChoice reviews, you will see that there are a couple of very nice positive reviews, but there are also some negative ones, such as these:

“Extremely friendly staff, but the price is if you’re a movie star. $54,000 for top and bottom, and I’m only 43 and still have most of my teeth. Little extreme. That’s like a new Tesla.”
Kris H. from Scottsdale, AZ

“Went with my Mom to have a consultation done, and they collected a $1000 deposit that was fully refundable. It has been three months, with calls and emails each week to get the refund. Still no refund. They are taking advantage of my elderly Mom!! Do not give these people your money! Update: Due to several negative reviews, my Mom was refunded her $1000. It took three months, but she got her money back.”
Sunny W. from Queen Creek, AZ

“This is bait and switch! Who is going to pay what they charge?! I could put a down payment on a big house.”
Kharma G. from Jacksonville, FL

Trustpilot also collects reviews for ClearChoice:

“I made a bad decision to go to Clear Choice to have uppers replaced with an all-on-4. The first set of temporary teeth broke in front. I went back, they repaired it, and it broke again in the same place. I returned again and refused to have them repair them again using the same process. After a few threats of calling my attorney, they repaired and reinforced the temporary teeth. She had the gall to ask what I plan on doing with my lower teeth. My response was have them replaced at a great competitor that doesn’t take your money up front and run. Do not use them. There are many alternatives, as I found out the hard way.”
Andrew S.

You may also want to check the Yelp reviews for their Phoenix location, with mostly negative reviews and an average rating of 2.5 out of 5.

ClearChoice Reviews from the Better Business Bureau

July 2022
“In December 2021, I had an appointment with ClearChoice. I had my first set of temporary teeth placed in March of 2022. My bottom teeth broke, and I actually swallowed them. My mouth was completely torn up, and I couldn’t even talk. I went to the office and was told they were closed for a week. For an entire week, I had to try to function at work and try to eat without bottom teeth. They fixed them once they were in the office. In May, my teeth broke again, so back I went. They are apparently closed on Fridays, so this time it wasn’t an entire week, but it was still the weekend. At my initial appointment, I was told that I would get my permanent teeth in July. I made my final payment, and when I went in yesterday for my teeth, I was told, “Oh no, you need another set of temp teeth to work out any kinks, but these are stronger.” I woke up this morning with again my teeth being broken. I am a respiratory therapist and on the road all day, so I cannot get in to see them. I am disgusted. They treated me yesterday like I was putting them out.”

August 2021
“I began the process of working with Dr. Mackie of ClearChoice Dental on a two-phase process to remove my existing teeth and replace them with what was originally to be 28 teeth, upper and lower dental implants. I went to this office after interviewing several other choices because I trusted this particular dentist. When I returned later to begin the second phase of the work, another dentist (who told me he was temporary) had taken her place. He did not make me feel confident in his ability to do this work in a professional manner. I put it off until a permanent replacement could be named. The office was closed for some time during COVID, but eventually, another doctor was assigned there. They have made two sets of zirconium implants that do not fit together. They do not line up, and they have an opening on the bottom that does not cover the left implant. The top one is tight, and my gums are cut and bleed often. $50,000+ is too much for teeth that do not chew properly and that hurt.”

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