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Chandler Dentures


What makes a set of dentures good or poor quality? There are several factors, which include:a full set of removable dentures

  • How well they fit
  • Whether or not they look natural
  • The quality of their construction


Dr. Walden performs a series of steps to ensure that your dentures look good and fit well. Some dentists skip some of these steps to make dentures less expensive, which can affect the final result.

The truth is that a set of removable dentures will be noticeably less strong and secure than natural, healthy teeth. However, the more carefully and accurately they’re made, the more comfortable they will feel in your mouth. They will stay in place more securely and will enable you to eat what you want.

Making Quality Dentures

When we create your denture, we’ll first take impressions of your mouth using our 3D optical scanner. Then, Dr. Walden will create a custom impression tray for your mouth based on that scan. Next, he’ll use the custom tray to capture further impressions of your mouth. He first uses a putty material. It is a heavy-bodied material that will displace the soft tissues around your jaw—where your tongue and cheek attach—which will determine the extent of the periphery of the denture. He will follow this with an impression in a light-bodied material that will capture all the detail of the soft tissues. Dr. Walden may also use an instrument called a facebow to capture more of your oral measurements, if that is needed to help re-create a comfortable bite.

As he begins to construct the denture, Dr. Walden will use wax rims to find the optimal height, or vertical dimension, for your teeth. A wax rim is similar to a denture, but instead of teeth, there is a layer of wax that Dr. Walden can adjust. When the vertical dimension on a pair of dentures is wrong, it can affect your speech, the aesthetics of the denture, and your level of comfort. If it’s too short, your face may look sunken and aged. If the vertical dimension is too tall, you won’t be able to close your mouth comfortably. You could end up with a whistle, a click, or a slur in your speech.

The wax rim is then used to set the teeth in wax. The last step before finishing your dentures is the wax try-in appointment, when you will test a model of your final dentures. The base will be made of wax, but the teeth will be the same ones the lab will place in your permanent denture. So you’ll be able to see exactly how they look in your mouth. Dr. Walden will test the fit of the dentures and, most importantly, make sure you’re happy with how they look and feel.

Dr. Walden goes through all these detailed steps to insure that your dentures:

  • Will stay in place when you chew or talk
  • Won’t be uncomfortable, pinch or leave sores
  • Will look natural and like they belong in your mouth
  • Won’t whistle or click when you speak

Well-Fitting Dentures

Even the best-fitting denture isn’t like having your own teeth. While the upper denture is held in place by the suction created by an accurate fit around the periphery, there is no suction to hold a lower denture in place, so it tends to float a bit in the mouth. You’ll learn to use your tongue and cheeks to keep it in place.

If you would like something more secure, an option would be to secure your dentures with dental implants. Even as few as two implants can anchor your dentures. They won’t move around, greatly increasing your comfort and ability to eat whatever you want.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment and find out if dentures are right for you, please call us at 480-755-1661 or fill out our appointment request form. If you aren’t ready to commit to a paid exam, you can schedule a brief complimentary visit with Dr. Walden to discuss your dental needs.


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