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6 Adjustments on 10 Dental Crowns and My Bite Is Still Off

Posted by AllSmiles

My bite is still off after my dentist made six adjustments to my ten new zirconia crowns. My mouth feels weird, and I am a nervous wreck. I even got a second opinion, and that dentist’s adjustment didn’t work. I have a rash in my mouth. Is it hives or am I allergic to zirconia dust? Will I need new crowns? – Thanks. Trevor from GA



Zirconia is a high-strength material, so we understand you’ve had traumatic appointments with dentists grinding your crowns to fix your bite.

Although zirconia reactions are rare, and we are unaware of confirmed cases, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to any material. If you are allergic to zirconia, you probably would have reacted before you got the crowns.

It seems that your symptoms are related to burning mouth syndrome, often triggered by stressful dental appointments. You’ve had multiple dental stressors, so it’s not surprising that your anxiety is causing a reaction.

Your ten new zirconia crowns have disrupted your bite. Without resolution, your jaw muscles can spasm, leading to headaches, earaches, neck pain, and other TMJ-related problems. We recommend getting a second opinion from a dentist with advanced bite and occlusion training and experience.

It is challenging for a dentist to achieve harmony with your bite with ten crowns. Most dentists lack the training and experience to accomplish this. Schedule a consultation with a skilled dentist with experience in zirconia crowns. When your bite is balanced again, the rash or hives in your mouth may improve, too.

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