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My Dentist Billed Me for Replacing a Faulty Crown

My dentist replaced a large silver filling with a temporary crown that fell off once before I got the permanent one. The final crown fell off three times in less than two months. The crown is also noticeably whiter than my teeth. I told my dentist about the problems with the crown fit and color, […]


Can a Sonic Toothbrush Loosen a Crown?

I know that dentists and hygienists use ultrasonic tools in the office. I have a new ultrasonic toothbrush that I’ve used since March. Could it have loosened my new crown? My dentist didn’t tell me what type of toothbrush to use on the crown. I just figured that I would use an ultrasonic toothbrush to […]


Keep Getting a Dental Crown Re-Cemented or Ask for a New One?

I had a root canal on my upper left first molar tooth about 12 years ago. The crown fell off early last year, so my dentist prepared my tooth and replaced the crown. It’s fallen off three times, and my dentist re-cements it. I am concerned about why the crown won’t stay on. Should I […]

2425 S Stearman Dr.
Suite 111
Chandler, AZ 85286
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