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My Dentist Billed Me for Replacing a Faulty Crown

Posted by AllSmiles

My dentist replaced a large silver filling with a temporary crown that fell off once before I got the permanent one. The final crown fell off three times in less than two months. The crown is also noticeably whiter than my teeth. I told my dentist about the problems with the crown fit and color, and he said he could fix it for $450. I knew I shouldn’t have to pay for his error, but I was sick of the drama.

My dentist said he would make a new crown, and I agreed to return because he was responsible for the mess. He drilled and reshaped my tooth and put a post in the tooth before making new molds. When I went to the front desk to schedule the fitting for the new crown, the lady told me that I owed $425. Of course, when I asked to speak with the dentist, he wasn’t available, so the lady told me they would credit me if the dentist agreed to a lower rate. Could I be stuck with another bum crown and no way to get a refund? I regret trusting my dentist. Thank you. Ronaldo


We understand you must be frustrated about your experience with a faulty crown and being charged twice!

What Can You Do About a Faulty Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are designed to restore a tooth’s functionality and appearance.  Ideally, a crown should match the color of your surrounding teeth and remain securely in place.

If you experience issues with a new crown, such as poor color matching or a loose fit, it’s important to address them with your dentist. A well-fitting, natural-looking crown is the expected outcome of this treatment.

Options for Resolving Concerns with New Dental Crowns

If you have a faulty new dental crown, consider the following options to resolve it:

  • Discuss the Concerns with Your Dentist: Communicate your dissatisfaction with the crown’s color and fit. A reputable dentist should be willing to address these concerns and adjust or replace the crown at no additional cost.
  • Seek a Second Opinion: If a dentist is unwilling to address your concerns, consult another dentist. They can assess the crown and recommend treatment.
  • Financial Options: You may be able to dispute any additional charges for correcting a crown that doesn’t fit your tooth or match surrounding teeth.  If you’ve already paid, consider contacting your credit card company to explore reversal options, especially if these charges were unexpected.
  • Finding a New Dentist: If you want to switch dentists, find a skilled cosmetic dentist to help you resolve the issue with the original dentist and potentially obtain a refund. They can also adjust the crown or collaborate with a ceramist for a new one.
  • Leverage and Reporting: If your current dentist is unresponsive, your new dentist might be able to intervene.  In cases of substandard care, a dentist could face disciplinary action from the state dental board for failure to correct the situation.
  • Insurance: Insurance companies typically expect dentists to provide a certain standard of care. If the initial crown placement didn’t meet this standard, your insurance company might not be obligated to pay the dentist. Insurance companies can recover the payments already made.
  • Patient Reviews: Sharing your experience online through platforms like Google or Yelp can inform potential patients about your experience with this dentist.

Best wishes for a stress-free resolution.

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