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Do I Need Implants for Three Teeth Broken Near My Gums?

Are dental implants the only way to save three teeth that broke near my gums? The teeth don’t hurt unless I bite or chew on them. My dentist recommends dental implants, but I want to know about alternatives. Thanks. Kristoff Kristoff Although you do not feel any pain, leaving traumatized teeth untreated and unprotected can […]


Will My Dental Implant Break If My Dentist Keeps Changing the Crown?

After trying to correct my implant crown color three times, my dentist gave up. It’s a shame that he is so prideful that he can’t admit that he doesn’t know how to match the crown with my right front teeth. She told me I was fortunate that the crown fit well after all my requests […]


My New Dental Crowns Are Turning Yellow

I’ve bleached my teeth for the past four years, so when it was time to replace my six upper crowns, I asked my dentist for the B1 shade to match them. I got the crowns in December, but they were not the color I requested. The crowns are yellowing already. I’m not a heavy coffee […]

2425 S Stearman Dr.
Suite 111
Chandler, AZ 85286
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