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Will Getting New Dentures More Often Prevent Facial Collapse?

I watched a YouTube video about how getting new dentures more often can help prevent facial collapse. If that works, I would like to know about dentists who offer frequent buyers’ plans and discounts for dentures. I’ve worn dentures since 2001 and see the difference in my face from pictures back then versus now. I […]


Am I Too Young for Dental Implants?

Am I too young for dental implants? I’m 14. I had a bad fall 2 weeks ago during a skateboard flip. I lost 2 teeth on the left front side of my mouth.  I Googled missing teeth and found sites that say implants look like real teeth, so I hope to get 2 implants. My […]


Composite Fillings Cost Too Much to Keep Popping Out

I finished paying for four composite fillings for abfractions on all four of my upper first and second molars to minimize the sensitivity in those teeth. The fillings cost too much to keep popping out. The dentist said that even though I wear a nightguard, I might be clenching my teeth during the day, so […]

2425 S Stearman Dr.
Suite 111
Chandler, AZ 85286
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