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Can I Glue My Broken Implant Denture?

My implant denture broke. The denture base clips onto a bar, but when I tried to get it back on the bar this morning, it broke. Over the past three weeks, I’ve had problems putting the denture in and taking it off the bar. I should have called my dentist and asked her to look […]


My Dentist Couldn’t Pull My Tooth and Left It Loose

I have a tooth that has been hurting for 8 months. My family dentist did a root canal treatment, but it didn’t work, so she recommended pulling the tooth. I went this past Monday, and my dentist numbed me, but she couldn’t get the tooth out. She was tugging on it and knocked the tooth […]


Why Wouldn’t the Dentist Just Pull My Tooth?

My tooth was throbbing 2 days ago, so I got an urgent dental appointment. The dentist said that he thinks he can save the tooth, but if he can’t, it will need to be pulled. He scheduled a root canal for me on Thursday. The pain medication is helping, and I don’t want problems with […]

2425 S Stearman Dr.
Suite 111
Chandler, AZ 85286
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