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My Dentist Couldn’t Pull My Tooth and Left It Loose

Posted by AllSmiles

I have a tooth that has been hurting for 8 months. My family dentist did a root canal treatment, but it didn’t work, so she recommended pulling the tooth. I went this past Monday, and my dentist numbed me, but she couldn’t get the tooth out. She was tugging on it and knocked the tooth next to it pretty hard. Then she stopped because she said she didn’t want to break another tooth trying during the extraction. My dentist scheduled an appointment with an oral surgeon who can only see me next Tuesday. My tooth is loose, and I am taking pain killer to keep it from throbbing. I don’t know if I have a question or not. I am just annoyed and thinking about switching dentists now. – K. Andrews

Dear K. –
Your frustration is understandable, especially since the tooth is loose and painful. If your dentist scheduled the appointment to remove the tooth herself, likely, she could not anticipate the difficulty she had trying to extract it.

Do You Need to Switch Dentists?

A hammock tied to a palm tree on the beach, portraying relaxation from sedation dentistry in Chandler, AZ
Sedation dentistry can help you relax during any dental procedure

Before switching dentists due to a disappointing experience, ask yourself a few questions. How long have you been going to this dentist? Have you had negative experiences in the past? Other than the most recent incident, do you feel comfortable with the dentist?

If your dentist recognizes the risk of breaking another tooth, it is best that she scheduled an appointment for you with an oral surgeon. It is frustrating to have a painful loose tooth, but it is best to have it removed correctly. An oral surgeon will explain sedation options to help you relax and stay comfortable during tooth removal.

If you decide to find a new dentist, consider receiving recommendations from friends or acquaintances. Also, before choosing a new dentist, you can schedule consultations to help you determine if you are comfortable with the dentist, the office, and the staff.

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