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How Can I Get a Refund from My Dentist After Paying Upfront?

I got approved through CareCredit for $4,000 for dental work, including a dental implant and crown. I still have not gotten a root canal and crown. Both procedures included oral sedation. I’ve had problems with the dental implant crown since I got it, and my bite is off. I decided not to let the dentist […]


Are My New Dental Crowns Causing Mouth Sores?

After getting two new crowns last October, I’ve had chapped lips, sore mouth corners, bitter taste, bad breath, and excessive saliva. I think excess saliva is the most embarrassing, especially when I’m talking. If I have an oral yeast infection and whenever I eat sugar or gluten, the symptoms are worse. Is it unusual for […]


Is the Tender Spot on My Gums a Tooth Abscess or a Cyst?

I’ve had tenderness above my top left premolar since late 2022. My dentist knows about the issue but has always said that we won’t disturb it if it doesn’t hurt. Although the tooth doesn’t hurt, my dentist says I have a cyst or a chronic abscess and may need a root canal or an extraction […]

2425 S Stearman Dr.
Suite 111
Chandler, AZ 85286
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