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How Can I Get a Refund from My Dentist After Paying Upfront?

Posted by AllSmiles

I got approved through CareCredit for $4,000 for dental work, including a dental implant and crown. I still have not gotten a root canal and crown. Both procedures included oral sedation. I’ve had problems with the dental implant crown since I got it, and my bite is off. I decided not to let the dentist do my root canal and crown, but I paid for the work through CareCredit. How can I get a refund? I called the dental office twice, but each time, weeks passed before they got back to me and told me that their billing coordinator was working on it. Thank you. Melodie from NM


After you sign a contract with CareCredit, the company pays the dentist upfront after deducting fees that the dentist owes for using the service. If your dental implant crown is problematic and you did not get root canal treatment and a crown with sedation from the dentist, they owe you a refund. CareCredit paid the dentist, so the money must come from the dental practice’s account.

How Can You Get a Refund from a Dentist?

If a dentist owes you a refund and will not pay, call the dental office again and ask for an estimated resolution date for your billing claim. Explain the dates and times of your calls and that if the issue is unresolved by the date they provide, you will report the problem to the state dental board. Follow through by reporting the problem to the state dental board if unresolved.

You may also leave online reviews on Yelp, Google, or Facebook about your negative experience. Dentists understand that about 2/3 of prospective patients check online reviews when looking for a new dentist. However, ensure your statements are accurate, not inflated.

Speak with the dentist about the issue with your implant crown and how they can resolve it or compensate you for seeing another dentist to correct your bite.


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