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How Can I Get a Refund from My Dentist After Paying Upfront?

I got approved through CareCredit for $4,000 for dental work, including a dental implant and crown. I still have not gotten a root canal and crown. Both procedures included oral sedation. I’ve had problems with the dental implant crown since I got it, and my bite is off. I decided not to let the dentist […]


Is the Tender Spot on My Gums a Tooth Abscess or a Cyst?

I’ve had tenderness above my top left premolar since late 2022. My dentist knows about the issue but has always said that we won’t disturb it if it doesn’t hurt. Although the tooth doesn’t hurt, my dentist says I have a cyst or a chronic abscess and may need a root canal or an extraction […]


Was a Tooth Fragment Left in My Socket After Extraction?

I would like to know if my symptoms could mean that my dentist left a broken piece of tooth in the socket after extraction. After getting a second molar extracted in September, I still have pain on the upper left side of my face and behind my eye. I had no symptoms before the extraction. […]


Why Are My Gums Sore After Teeth Cleaning?

My teeth were cleaned yesterday, and my gums are sore. I had not been to the dentist in 5 years. Is this normal? The dentist wants me to return every three months, but I don’t want to return that soon if I can expect soreness every time. I’m not blaming the hygienist because she was […]


What Are the Best Ceramic Crowns for My Front Teeth?

What type of crowns are best for front teeth? I have old yellow crowns on my front teeth that I want to replace. The crowns are fused to metal, but they turned dark around the gums. Also, the left front tooth is dark, so I want the right kind of porcelain to hide the dark […]


Will My Dental Crown Stop Falling Off After Crown Lengthening?

My dentists said I need a crown lengthening to expose more of my tooth for bonding my new crown. The crown has fallen off three times in five months. When the crown fell off two weeks ago, I noted that the base of my tooth was darker than before. The crown is loose again; I […]


My Dentist Couldn’t Pull My Tooth and Left It Loose

I have a tooth that has been hurting for 8 months. My family dentist did a root canal treatment, but it didn’t work, so she recommended pulling the tooth. I went this past Monday, and my dentist numbed me, but she couldn’t get the tooth out. She was tugging on it and knocked the tooth […]


Will I Be Conscious During Teeth Removal for Dentures?

So many of my teeth are either missing or badly decayed that I’ve decided to get dentures in the next six months to a year. So, I have some questions about it because I have so much anxiety whenever I go to the dentist. Will I be conscious or unconscious when my teeth are pulled […]


I’m Afraid of Getting Too Much Lidocaine at the Dentist

I’m afraid of getting too much lidocaine because it doesn’t numb me. My dentist tried numbing me four times at my last dental appointment, but it didn’t help. I was sweating after the third shot, and my dentist asked me to reschedule the appointment because I was too anxious. My lower left first molar has […]


What Type of Anesthesia for Wisdom Teeth Removal at Age 44?

I am 44 years old, and my wisdom teeth are starting to hurt for the first time. None of the teeth have fully erupted, but the top and left teeth are sore. I know that I need them removed, but I am concerned about complications and pain. What type of anesthesia would a dentist give […]

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