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I’m Afraid of Getting Too Much Lidocaine at the Dentist

Posted by AllSmiles

I’m afraid of getting too much lidocaine because it doesn’t numb me. My dentist tried numbing me four times at my last dental appointment, but it didn’t help. I was sweating after the third shot, and my dentist asked me to reschedule the appointment because I was too anxious. My lower left first molar has a deep cavity beneath an old amalgam filling. My dentist needs to remove the filling and replace it with composite. I talked to my dentist before the appointment about sedation, but he said the procedure was so simple that I wouldn’t need it, and he promised I wouldn’t feel the injections. Although I could not feel the injections, they didn’t work. Can I insist on sedation, so my dentist doesn’t have to load me up with lidocaine? Thank you. Eli


Eli – Thank you for contacting Walden and Beavers Dental Group. Millions of Americans have dental anxiety, and when their anxiety level is high enough, local anesthetic wears off quickly or doesn’t work.

Can You Get Too Much Lidocaine at the Dentist?

Dentists follow safety protocols to avoid giving you too much lidocaine. Administering too much lidocaine or any other drug can be harmful. Your dentist observed your anxiety and appropriately asked you to reschedule your appointment. Dental sedation can relax you, relieve your anxiety, and help the lidocaine work if your anxiety is decreasing its effectiveness.

Factors that may influence lidocaine’s effectiveness include:

  • Anxiety
  • Genetics
  • Infection
  • Changes in the tooth nerve
  • Supplements or medication that affect the pH balance in your body
  • Technical mistakes

Can You Insist on Sedation from Your Dentist?

A hammock tied to a palm tree on the beach, portraying relaxation from sedation dentistry in Chandler, AZ
Sedation dentistry relaxes you and takes the stress out of dental procedures

You can ask your dentist for sedation before replacing your dental filling. Otherwise, look for a dentist who enjoys treating fearful and anxious patients and offers sedation. Getting the treatment you need is vital to your oral health. Sedation dentistry can help.

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