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What Are the Best Ceramic Crowns for My Front Teeth?

Posted by AllSmiles

What type of crowns are best for front teeth? I have old yellow crowns on my front teeth that I want to replace. The crowns are fused to metal, but they turned dark around the gums. Also, the left front tooth is dark, so I want the right kind of porcelain to hide the dark tooth and not look weird. Should I ask a dentist for feldspathic porcelain or something else? My anxiety keeps increasing because I fear my front teeth will be messy. Thanks. Josiah



We understand that the prominence of front teeth increases concerns about how your smile will look after getting new crowns.

What Are the Best Ceramic Crowns for Front Teeth?

A skilled cosmetic dentist can use any of the following ceramic crowns for front teeth:

  • Feldspathic porcelain
  • Lithium disilicate, such as e.max, has a strong core and layer of feldspathic porcelain
  • Zirconia

The above options are all-ceramic and durable enough for your front teeth. However, selecting a skilled cosmetic dentist is more essential than requesting a specific ceramic type from a dentist who needs more advanced training. It is challenging for most dentists to block out the dark color of your left front tooth and perfectly match it with your other tooth.  After you find a skilled dentist, they will choose a high-quality ceramic that they are comfortable using and produce beautiful results.

How to Conceal a Dark Tooth with a Dental Crown

A hammock tied to a palm tree on the beach, portraying relaxation from sedation dentistry in Chandler, AZ
Your dentist will find a sedation level to relieve your anxiety

A cosmetic dentist can conceal a dark tooth by masking it with an opaquer. Some dentists use composite material to block the darkness before placing a crown over the tooth. Other dentists may ask a dental ceramist to craft a crown with an opaque layer and feldspathic porcelain.

Schedule a Consultation with a Cosmetic Dentist

Please consult with a cosmetic dentist because they have the artistic ability required to produce beautiful results regardless of which ceramic material they recommend for your crowns. Otherwise, a dentist without advanced cosmetic dentistry training may feel pressured to use the crown you want but not be able to match your front teeth. Speak with the dentist about your anxiety and sedation options.


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