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Composite Fillings Cost Too Much to Keep Popping Out

Posted by AllSmiles

Young woman with her finger near pursed lips, portraying uncertainty about composite fillings costI finished paying for four composite fillings for abfractions on all four of my upper first and second molars to minimize the sensitivity in those teeth. The fillings cost too much to keep popping out. The dentist said that even though I wear a nightguard, I might be clenching my teeth during the day, so the fillings pop out. Why would she recommend the composite fillings if they wouldn’t stay in? Were the filings a waste of time and money? Would you consider this issue a dental emergency, or can I take the time to find a dentist who knows how to keep the fillings in place? – Thanks. Krystin from Farmington Hills, MI


We understand your concerns about the cost of composite fillings, especially when they don’t last.

How Much Do Composite Fillings Costs?

Composite fillings generally cost $150 to $600 in the US.  However, if you have dental insurance, your plan may pay part of the fee. The cost depends on several factors, including:

  • The economy where you live – The cost of living in a city affects fees and services, including dentistry.
  • Your dentist’s fees – Skill and experience can affect a dentist’s fees.
  • Whether front or back teeth need filings – Fillings on molar teeth cost more because they are more extensive.
  • Cavity and filling size – Larger cavities require more work to remove tooth decay and more composite to fill the tooth.

What Are Teeth Abfractions?

An abfraction on a tooth is a bulge or notch near the gumline. Abfractions develop gradually, often from teeth grinding or clenching. Tooth roots may be exposed above the abfraction, increasing tooth sensitivity and discomfort.

What Is the Treatment for Teeth Abfractions?

Treatment for teeth abfractions may include composite fillings, a mouthguard or nightguard, or orthodontics.

  • Composite fillings – Skilled cosmetic dentists use flexible restorative composite to cover the notch-shaped abfractions and reduce sensitivity. Flexible fillings bend when you bite and chew, reducing their risk of popping out.
  • Nightguard – Wearing a nightguard while asleep protects your teeth from grinding pressure. A custom nightguard protects your teeth from further damage.
  • Orthodontics – Teeth misalignment can disrupt your teeth, leading to grinding or clenching. Your dentist may recommend orthodontics to address the cause of the abfractions.

We suggest scheduling an appointment with an advanced cosmetic dentist. The dentist will examine your teeth and determine whether you can benefit from flexible composite fillings for teeth abfractions. Although you do not need an urgent dental appointment to replace the fillings, getting flexible fillings will reduce tooth sensitivity.

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