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Can I Start Braces Before Wisdom Teeth Removal?

How long can I wait to have wisdom teeth removed? I have three wisdom teeth remaining, and I’m ready to get clear braces. I’m 31 years old and prefer to start orthodontic treatment. The wisdom teeth are sore sometimes, but I don’t have any major problems with them. My dentist referred me to an oral […]


Composite Fillings Cost Too Much to Keep Popping Out

I finished paying for four composite fillings for abfractions on all four of my upper first and second molars to minimize the sensitivity in those teeth. The fillings cost too much to keep popping out. The dentist said that even though I wear a nightguard, I might be clenching my teeth during the day, so […]


What Antibiotics Should I Take for a Tooth Infection?

What antibiotics should I take for a tooth infection? I’ve had a horrible toothache for a month. I am trying to avoid getting my tooth pulled, but I wasn’t sure I could drive before leaving for work this morning. I want to try taking an antibiotic before seeing a dentist to treat the infection myself. […]


Why Do My Cavity Filings Keep Falling Out?

I have two cavity fillings that keep falling out. I’ve been doing tooth fillings at home using temporary filling kits since March, and it seems they only last a month before they fall out again. For now, a dentist’s tooth fillings cost more than I can afford. I just want to know how to get […]


Why Wouldn’t the Dentist Just Pull My Tooth?

My tooth was throbbing 2 days ago, so I got an urgent dental appointment. The dentist said that he thinks he can save the tooth, but if he can’t, it will need to be pulled. He scheduled a root canal for me on Thursday. The pain medication is helping, and I don’t want problems with […]


How Can I Pay for Dental Work If I Don’t Have Insurance?

I don’t have dental insurance, and I need help paying for dental work that I must have done. My upper right first molar was sore and puffy near the gums. The toothache got so bad that I got an 8:00 pm appointment at a local night and day dental office earlier this week. The dentist […]


Can You Recommend a Home Remedy for a Tooth Infection?

I hope your office can help me with a home remedy for a tooth infection. I relocated and so far only have part-time work. The infection is on an upper left molar tooth, and my cheek is swelling. Ibuprofen helps with swelling, and I apply ice packs. Oregano oil helps a bit with the infection, […]


Will My Cracked Tooth Need a Crown?

My top left tooth behind the canine has a hairline crack. I fell two days ago while doing some yardwork and landed on my left side. My face hit the ground first. My mouth didn’t bleed, but the left side of it is swollen. When I checked my teeth after the fall, they looked okay, […]


How Long Can I Wait to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

How long can I wait to have my wisdom teeth removed before it is an emergency? I felt pain in my lower left jaw and scheduled an appointment with a dentist right away. I do not have a regular dentist. After taking x-rays, the dentist said my wisdom teeth are impacted and causing pain. The […]


How Can I Find a Dentist to Save My Split Tooth?

My tooth split, and I just saw a dentist who wants to remove it, but I want someone to save the tooth. Without running from one dental office to another, what should I look for on websites to know if I should call and make an appointment? I want someone who will at least try […]

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