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Can I Start Braces Before Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Posted by AllSmiles

Young man with uncertain look on his faceHow long can I wait to have wisdom teeth removed? I have three wisdom teeth remaining, and I’m ready to get clear braces. I’m 31 years old and prefer to start orthodontic treatment. The wisdom teeth are sore sometimes, but I don’t have any major problems with them. My dentist referred me to an oral surgeon who recommended removing the wisdom teeth before I got braces. The oral surgeon said all three teeth are impacted, and it’s best to remove them now. I prefer to be late because the pain isn’t consistent, and I don’t want oral surgery. This oral surgeon has a busy schedule, and there is a two-month wait before he can do the extractions. What happens if I proceed with braces and take care of the wisdom teeth later? Thanks. Bennett from OK


Your dentist and oral surgeon are concerned about your oral health and the success of your orthodontic treatment.

Can I Start Braces Before Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Whether you can start braces before wisdom teeth removal depends on your wisdom teeth evaluation results. The condition and position of your teeth determine if a dentist or oral surgeon must remove them and when. Several factors contribute to the recommendation to extract your impacted wisdom teeth before you start orthodontic treatment.

  1. Your age – As you age, impacted wisdom teeth are more difficult to remove, and the risk of complications increases. As you age, your jawbone gets harder and stiffer, and tooth roots thicken.
  2. Risk of infection – Impacted wisdom teeth can get infected and require emergency removal. Your dentist must remove your braces before the extractions—unless you have Invisalign. Either way, your orthodontic treatment will be interrupted during the healing period.
  3. Movement of other teeth – Impacted wisdom teeth can affect the movement of other teeth in the vicinity. They are often behind or beneath second molars, making aligning those teeth more difficult. In addition to wearing a retainer each night, removing the wisdom teeth prevents them from causing your teeth to shift back to their original position.
  4. Damage to other teeth – Wisdom teeth can push against second molars and damage the roots or bone around them, causing infection, emergency treatment, or tooth loss.
  5. Oral hygiene challenges – Impacted teeth are difficult to keep clean. Bacteria can collect around the teeth and gums and cause decay or gum disease. An oral surgeon will eventually need to remove the teeth.

It’s more disappointing to interrupt treatment with Invisalign or braces to extract impacted wisdom teeth. Take your dentist’s and oral surgeon’s advice and avoid future regrets.

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