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How Can I Pay for Dental Work If I Don’t Have Insurance?

Posted by AllSmiles

Man holding the side of his face in pain, portraying a dental emergency without dental insuranceI don’t have dental insurance, and I need help paying for dental work that I must have done. My upper right first molar was sore and puffy near the gums. The toothache got so bad that I got an 8:00 pm appointment at a local night and day dental office earlier this week. The dentist examined my tooth and took x-rays. I need a root canal, and the dentist said the infection is in two nearby teeth. The cost for root canals and crows will be thousands of dollars. I will get a second opinion next week to ensure the dental office is not taking advantage of my situation. I know I can apply for a bank loan, but I would like to know if there are other financing options in the dental world. Thanks. Ryan K. from Bend, IN

Ryan – Thank you for contacting Walden & Beavers Dental Group.

How Can You Pay for Dental Work If You Don’t Have Insurance?

You can pay for dental work if you do not have insurance with payment plans or financing. Some dental offices offer in-office payment plans or financing through companies like CareCredit®. CareCredit offers low- and no-interest financing for qualified applicants who can pay their balance within a specified time frame.

Most dental practice websites include information about financing on their websites. You will see the office’s policies regarding dental insurance, forms of payment they accept, and financing. Also, some dental offices offer discount dental plans for patients without dental insurance.

A Second Opinion for Tooth Abscess and Root Canal Treatment

You will need root canal treatment if your dental exam and x-ray show a tooth abscess. Look for an experienced dentist who has completed many cases like yours. If a dentist is inexperienced in root canal therapy, they may refer you to an endodontist (root canal specialist) for treatment.

When you get a second opinion, ask the dentist for a pre-treatment estimate and compare it with a pre-treatment estimate from the first dentist. After comparing your treatment options, outcomes, and cost from each dentist, you can anticipate your treatment costs. Delaying care can result in a dental emergency that becomes more costly than planned care.


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