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Why Do My Cavity Filings Keep Falling Out?

Posted by AllSmiles

I have two cavity fillings that keep falling out. I’ve been doing tooth fillings at home using temporary filling kits since March, and it seems they only last a month before they fall out again. For now, a dentist’s tooth fillings cost more than I can afford. I just want to know how to get the fillings to stay in longer or if I should buy a certain brand for tooth fillings. I know I need to see a dentist. Thanks.  Lee from Burlington, VT



Yes, you need to see a dentist to replace your temporary fillings. You can search for a dentist willing to fill your teeth for less or who accepts payment plans. Another option is to contact a nearby university dental school for treatment.

Why Do Your Cavity Fillings Keep Falling Out?

Cavity fillings, such as over-the-counter filling material to use at home, can fall out because they are designed for temporary use. If fillings from a dentist repeatedly fall out, the reasons may include:

  • The fillings are old and need to be replaced.
  • Teeth grinding or clenching can loosen the fillings.
  • The dentist did not prepare your tooth well enough for the filling to stay in place.
  • The dentist did not bond the filling to your tooth properly.

Why Get Tooth Cavities Filled?

A composite tooth cavity filling for a lower tooth
Skilled dentist bond tooth fillings for lasting results

You should get tooth cavities filled to protect your oral and physical health. The American Dental Association explains how untreated tooth decay can affect your oral health. The 2013 article, Tackling Tooth Decay, says that untreated cavities can result in the following complications:

  • Bacteria can travel through the tooth, developing an abscess.
  • A dentist may need to remove an untreated infected tooth.
  • The infection can travel to other body parts with serious consequences.

Without long-lasting fillings from a dentist, your teeth will become infected, creating a dental emergency that may lead to root canal treatment. Afterward, you would need a dental crown for each affected tooth. Delaying treatment is more costly than consulting with a dental school, dental clinic, or dentist who is willing to reduce their fees or accept a payment plan.

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