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How Long Can I Wait to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Posted by AllSmiles

Man with wisdom tooth pain portraying a dental emergencyHow long can I wait to have my wisdom teeth removed before it is an emergency? I felt pain in my lower left jaw and scheduled an appointment with a dentist right away. I do not have a regular dentist. After taking x-rays, the dentist said my wisdom teeth are impacted and causing pain. The dentist referred me to an oral surgeon, but I did not schedule the appointment yet. In July, I just moved out and have a new apartment. I’m 27 years old and seeking employment that offers some dental coverage. How long can I wait before I must remove the wisdom teeth? I want to delay the surgery, but I don’t want the pain to get so intense that it disrupts my life after finding the right employment. Thank you. Troy from Columbus, OH


Thank you for your question.

How Long Can You Wait for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

How long you can wait before wisdom teeth removal depends on the condition of your teeth. As we age, wisdom teeth become more challenging to remove, and complications increase. Dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth before your roots grow deeper and get entangled with your jawbone.

Impacted wisdom teeth

If your impacted wisdom teeth already hurt, they will hurt more as the roots thicken and your jawbone gets denser. After prolonged irritation, infection will settle in your teeth, possibly spreading to other teeth or your bone.

The dentist you saw for urgent treatment was correct. Take care of the situation before it becomes a serious issue. Even if you do not have dental insurance, if you can schedule the time to care for your teeth now, it is better than having an emergency after you get a new job. Often, you must complete at least a month of employment before dental insurance is in effect.

You can ask the oral surgeon about financing options or apply for health care financing through a company like Care Credit.

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