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What Antibiotics Should I Take for a Tooth Infection?

Posted by AllSmiles

Man frowning and holding the side of his face, portraying a tooth infection.What antibiotics should I take for a tooth infection? I’ve had a horrible toothache for a month. I am trying to avoid getting my tooth pulled, but I wasn’t sure I could drive before leaving for work this morning. I want to try taking an antibiotic before seeing a dentist to treat the infection myself. Which antibiotics do dentists use? Thanks. Clark


What Antibiotics Can You Take for a Tooth Infection?

Regardless of which antibiotics you take for a tooth infection, it will not go away without a dentist’s intervention. We will not disclose which antibiotics a dentist may prescribe for tooth infection because it may delay you from getting the care you need. Please see a dentist immediately because only one has the tools and skills to remove the infection.

A tooth infection can spread to the jaw, head, and neck. An abscess and sinus infection can follow. If the condition is left untreated, sepsis—an infection that can spread throughout the body—can become life-threatening. An infection that circulates in your body can result in hospitalization and a series of antibiotics.

How long it takes for an infection to get out of hand depends on the patient and their immune system. If you don’t have a current dentist, look for an experienced dentist who accepts same-day or next-day appointments even if you are not a patient. After an X-ray and exam, the dentist will explain your treatment options, including root canal therapy to eliminate the infection. Afterward, antibiotics will help your tooth recovery.

If dental anxiety causes you to avoid dental procedures, explain your concerns before the appointment. The dental team will accommodate you, and the dentist will discuss sedation options.

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