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Can You Recommend a Home Remedy for a Tooth Infection?

Posted by AllSmiles

Young woman on her mobile phone portraying concern for a home remedy for tooth infectionI hope your office can help me with a home remedy for a tooth infection. I relocated and so far only have part-time work. The infection is on an upper left molar tooth, and my cheek is swelling. Ibuprofen helps with swelling, and I apply ice packs. Oregano oil helps a bit with the infection, but it flares back up if I stop using it. I know I cannot use oregano oil and ice packs for months. Is there another home remedy for a tooth infection? Thanks for your help. Darla from SC


Thank you for contacting us. Untreated tooth infections will continue to spread without professional treatment.

Is There a Home Remedy for a Tooth Infection?

Unfortunately, there is no home remedy for a tooth infection because the infection is inside the tooth. The only way to remove the infected tooth pulp (living tissue and nerves) is for a dentist to create an opening in the top of your tooth and treat it.

Can You Take Antibiotics for a Tooth Infection?

A clear model of lower teeth with one molar tooth infected
Only a dentist can access and treat an infection inside a tooth

Antibiotics alone are not enough to remove a tooth infection. Only root canal treatment can get rid of the infection completely. Consider the reasons:

  • Infection location – Only professional dental tools can get inside a tooth to access the infection.
  • Infected tooth tissue will not heal – A dentist must perform root canal therapy to remove infected tissue from a tooth, disinfect the tooth, and replace the diseased tissue with dental filler material.
  • Tooth infections spread – Without treatment, a tooth infection can spread to your gums, jawbone, other teeth, and even into your bloodstream. A home remedy will not stop the progression of a tooth infection.

What If You Don’t Have Insurance to Treat a Tooth Infection?

Contact a dental office to discuss your payment options if you do not have insurance to treat a tooth infection. May practices offer payment plans to help you pay for care over several weeks. You can find a dental office that accepts emergency appointments.

Consider a dental clinic

Many communities have local dental clinics or dental schools at universities that can provide dental care. Contact your county’s local social services office and ask for information on affordable dental care.

Your oral health is at risk, so please do not try home remedies for tooth infections. It is urgent to see a dentist right away.

Chandler, Arizona, dentist Dr. William Walden sponsors this post. Call us to ask for an emergency visit or to get information on how to apply for a payment plan.



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