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How Can I Find a Dentist to Save My Split Tooth?

Posted by AllSmiles

Man holding lower right side of face portraying split tooth pain and a dental emergencyMy tooth split, and I just saw a dentist who wants to remove it, but I want someone to save the tooth. Without running from one dental office to another, what should I look for on websites to know if I should call and make an appointment? I want someone who will at least try to save it. I know I am running out of time. Thanks. Wade from SC


Thank you for contacting us. If a dentist can save a split tooth, it needs immediate attention within a day or two.

Can a Dentist Save a Split Tooth?

A dentist may be able to save a tooth with a vertical fracture. The American Association of Endodontists confirms that the position and extent of the split determine whether your tooth is savable. Advanced dentists may have success with this technique:

  • Clean the fracture to remove debris
  • Fit the tooth pieces together precisely
  • Apply dental bonding to the fracture
  • Prepare the tooth for a crown while keeping the segments stable
  • Determine if the tooth needs root canal therapy as it heals
  • Protect the tooth with a high-quality dental crown
  • Follow up to ensure the tooth is stable and without infection

What If a Dentist Cannot Save Your Split Tooth?

Dental implants are the most effective option if a dentist cannot save your split tooth. Implants are artificial tooth roots that fuse to your jawbone and support a dental crown.

How Can You Find a Dentist to Save Your Tooth?

You can find a dentist who may try to save your tooth by looking online for one with advanced root canal and dental implant training. Or find an endodontist (root canal specialist) to examine your tooth. Expect to get an exam and x-rays for the dentist to see the condition of your tooth and determine whether it is savable.

Do not delay treatment because waiting increases the risk of losing the tooth.

Chandler, Arizona, dentist Dr. William Walden sponsors this post.


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