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My New Dental Crowns Are Turning Yellow

Posted by AllSmiles

I’ve bleached my teeth for the past four years, so when it was time to replace my six upper crowns, I asked my dentist for the B1 shade to match them. I got the crowns in December, but they were not the color I requested. The crowns are yellowing already. I’m not a heavy coffee drinker, but I’ve noticed the coffee yellows my teeth even more. I try not to smile because my crowns are so yellow.

I’m having a consultation with a new dentist in two weeks, but I wonder if my only recourse is to get new crowns. How do I know that the new crowns won’t stain, too? Thanks. Yadira from NYC


Porcelain crowns will not stain or discolor if their glaze is intact. Some patients think they are getting porcelain restorations when a dentist places a cheaper dental resin, which will pick up stains. If your dental crowns are porcelain, something may have broken the glaze or outer layer of protection and luster.

A molar tooth dental crownTwo dental office treatments that can break the glaze on porcelain restorations, such as crowns or veneers, include:

  • Power polishing equipment, such as the prophy jet
  • Acidulated fluoride treatment

Citrus, ascorbic, or stomach acid from reflux will not usually damage your porcelain restoration. However, hydrofluoric acid will etch the glaze, leaving dental crowns with a slightly rough and porous surface that attracts stains. Toothpaste for cosmetic dentistry dissolves the protein pellicle on natural teeth that x stains. However, the toothpaste will not remove stains embedded in a porous porcelain surface. a satin, slightly rough, and porous surface that will pick up stains.

Ensure that you get a second opinion from an expert cosmetic dentist to determine if something has damaged the glaze on your porcelain crowns.


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