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Is Getting Rid of Black Triangles Between My Teeth Worth It?

I have noticeable black triangles between my lower teeth. I have mixed feelings about doing anything about them because I’m unsure what the upkeep will involve. I’m getting self-conscious about the black triangles, but I don’t know if I should be. If I get dental bonding, how long will it last? I have dental anxiety, […]


Need to Remove Tooth Root in My Sinus After Extraction?

I have a tooth root tip in my sinus after extraction. My dentist removed my upper right first molar two weeks ago, and she had problems with the extraction. She left a broken tooth root behind because she was concerned about puncturing my sinus. I have a referral to an oral surgeon to remove the […]


I Want a Large Front-Teeth Gap Closed Without Braces

What are my options for a large front tooth gap? I know braces are one option, but I am self-conscious about them. Is there anything else for a 6mm to 8mm gap? I have not scheduled consultations yet, but I want to know what to expect when seeing a dentist. Thanks. Bridget Bridget, You were […]


Will a Root Canal Lighten My Gray Tooth?

About five years ago, I fell while running a marathon and hit my face. My left front tooth is turning dark, and my dentist referred me to an endodontist for a root canal. The tooth does not hurt. I wonder why my dentist referred me instead of bleaching my teeth. Will my tooth get lighter […]


I’m Terrified of Nerve Damage with Wisdom Teeth Removal

I’m Terrified of Nerve Damage with Wisdom Teeth Removal I have a partially impacted wisdom tooth beneath my gum and bone. I still have all my wisdom teeth. The oral surgeon says the tooth is angled next to my second molar root canal tooth. She also said there is a risk of nerve damage. I […]


Why Is My Tooth Still Sensitive After a Filling?

My dentist placed three fillings in my teeth in mid-January. The fillings look fine, but one is still sensitive to cold liquid. I returned to the dentist last month, and she took an x-ray and examined the tooth. She asked me to give it more time. Although the sensitivity is not worse, it is not […]


Can I Do My Own Tooth Fillings at Home?

I get sick with anxiety whenever I have a dentist appointment, so I decided to do my own tooth fillings at home. My dentist said I need 4 new cavities filled during my last cleaning. I have been looking around in drugstores and online to figure out how to seal the teeth myself without the […]


My New Dental Crown Is Unstable

My new dental crown is unstable, and I would like your advice on handling my concerns. I understand that I am not an existing patient at your office, but I would like some general direction, please.  In June of this year, I had to find a new dentist because I moved from California to Maryland […]

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