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My New Dental Crowns Are Turning Yellow

I’ve bleached my teeth for the past four years, so when it was time to replace my six upper crowns, I asked my dentist for the B1 shade to match them. I got the crowns in December, but they were not the color I requested. The crowns are yellowing already. I’m not a heavy coffee […]


Are My New Dental Crowns Causing Mouth Sores?

After getting two new crowns last October, I’ve had chapped lips, sore mouth corners, bitter taste, bad breath, and excessive saliva. I think excess saliva is the most embarrassing, especially when I’m talking. If I have an oral yeast infection and whenever I eat sugar or gluten, the symptoms are worse. Is it unusual for […]


What If Sensitivity In My Temporary Crowns Doesn’t Improve?

My dentist is replacing all my old amalgam fillings with composite or crowns. The treatment will depend on the extent of the decay. She began the work in September and said she wants to complete it before I start Invisalign. However, my three new temporary crowns feel bulky and sensitive. My dentist said we must […]


Why Is My Jaw Still Numb After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Ten days after getting wisdom teeth removed, I still have numbness in my lower left jaw. I called my dentist, who said the oral surgeon might have hit a nerve. The numbness makes chewing, eating, and brushing my teeth difficult. I do not return to the oral surgeon for ten more days. Is there anything […]


Is Getting Rid of Black Triangles Between My Teeth Worth It?

I have noticeable black triangles between my lower teeth. I have mixed feelings about doing anything about them because I’m unsure what the upkeep will involve. I’m getting self-conscious about the black triangles, but I don’t know if I should be. If I get dental bonding, how long will it last? I have dental anxiety, […]


Need to Remove Tooth Root in My Sinus After Extraction?

I have a tooth root tip in my sinus after extraction. My dentist removed my upper right first molar two weeks ago, and she had problems with the extraction. She left a broken tooth root behind because she was concerned about puncturing my sinus. I have a referral to an oral surgeon to remove the […]


I Want a Large Front-Teeth Gap Closed Without Braces

What are my options for a large front tooth gap? I know braces are one option, but I am self-conscious about them. Is there anything else for a 6mm to 8mm gap? I have not scheduled consultations yet, but I want to know what to expect when seeing a dentist. Thanks. Bridget Bridget, You were […]


Will a Root Canal Lighten My Gray Tooth?

About five years ago, I fell while running a marathon and hit my face. My left front tooth is turning dark, and my dentist referred me to an endodontist for a root canal. The tooth does not hurt. I wonder why my dentist referred me instead of bleaching my teeth. Will my tooth get lighter […]


I’m Terrified of Nerve Damage with Wisdom Teeth Removal

I’m Terrified of Nerve Damage with Wisdom Teeth Removal I have a partially impacted wisdom tooth beneath my gum and bone. I still have all my wisdom teeth. The oral surgeon says the tooth is angled next to my second molar root canal tooth. She also said there is a risk of nerve damage. I […]


Why Is My Tooth Still Sensitive After a Filling?

My dentist placed three fillings in my teeth in mid-January. The fillings look fine, but one is still sensitive to cold liquid. I returned to the dentist last month, and she took an x-ray and examined the tooth. She asked me to give it more time. Although the sensitivity is not worse, it is not […]

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