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Need to Remove Tooth Root in My Sinus After Extraction?

Posted by AllSmiles

Young African American man portraying uncertainty over tooth root tips left in the sinus after extraction.I have a tooth root tip in my sinus after extraction. My dentist removed my upper right first molar two weeks ago, and she had problems with the extraction. She left a broken tooth root behind because she was concerned about puncturing my sinus. I have a referral to an oral surgeon to remove the root tip. Should I pursue the root tip removal or leave it alone? I was already nervous about the extraction, but it makes me anxious to think about seeing an oral surgeon I don’t know and getting sedated again to remove a little root tip. If it’s something that will dissolve or heal eventually, I would rather skip the referral. Thank you. Julian



We are sorry to hear about your experience, Justin. We understand that dental anxiety can increase when you need a second procedure that you did not expect.

However, complications can occur, and tooth roots may break. A general dentist needs advanced training and instruments to retrieve root fragments. Otherwise, you will need a referral to a specialist to complete the procedure. Still, an X-ray before tooth removal should have helped your dentist anticipate the risks. Many dentists refer their patients to an oral surgeon for complex extractions to avoid complications and the need for a referral later.

What Causes Tooth Roots to Break During an Extraction?

Factors that may increase the risk of a tooth root breaking during extraction include the following:

  • Tooth Structure: Variations in tooth root shapes and curvatures can increase the risk of root fracture during extraction.
  • Tooth Decay: Extensive tooth decay can weaken the tooth, causing it to break during extraction.
  • Tooth Location: Upper back teeth with roots close to the sinus wall may poke into the sinus and cause perforation. An oral surgeon may need to retrieve the tip to prevent infection and help the sinus heal.

We recommend consulting with the oral surgeon to determine whether the root tip’s size and location increase oral health risks and if it should be removed. A 2020 article in the Journal of Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery confirms that if a surgeon recommends removing a displaced tooth root, completing the surgery promptly is best to minimize further complications.

A consultation also allows you to meet the surgeon and decide if you feel comfortable enough with the doctor for a surgical procedure. You can ask your dentist to refer you to another surgeon if not. Please don’t let the tooth root linger without knowing the potential risks and complications.


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