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What If Sensitivity In My Temporary Crowns Doesn’t Improve?

Posted by AllSmiles

My dentist is replacing all my old amalgam fillings with composite or crowns. The treatment will depend on the extent of the decay. She began the work in September and said she wants to complete it before I start Invisalign. However, my three new temporary crowns feel bulky and sensitive. My dentist said we must wait for the nerves to calm down before getting my final crowns. I am hesitant about moving forward with my dentist to finish the work and concerned that my teeth will never be the same. Also, my husband and I plan to begin our family next year, and I wanted my dental work behind me. I canceled the treatment plan with my dentist, but now I have incomplete crowns and Invisalign plans that will begin at some undefined time. What are my options? Thank you. Dion from NV



The problems you describe with your temporary crowns are unrelated to tooth nerves. It seems your dentist does not have a solid understanding of crowns or dentistry.

Sensitivity with Temporary Crowns

A ceramic crown for a molar tooth
Consult a skilled cosmetic dentist if you experience lingering dental crown sensitivity

During crown preparation, a dentist’s deep cuts to prepare the tooth can irritate tooth nerves. However, the sensitivity should be temporary. Removing the crowns causes minimal irritation—if any. So, we are unsure why your dentist wants to wait before removing your temporary crowns. She has not offered to redo them and may be uncomfortable correcting the mistake.

We recommend that you get a second opinion from another dentist. You do not need to delay removing the crowns. Instead, finding an experienced cosmetic dentist to remove the crowns and examine your teeth is probably to your advantage. The dentist can determine the cause of your tooth sensitivity.

An advanced cosmetic dentist will make accurate impressions of your teeth for precisely fitting crowns. And if you have remaining fillings to replace with composite, the dentist can do that, too.


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