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I’m Terrified of Nerve Damage with Wisdom Teeth Removal

Posted by AllSmiles

I’m Terrified of Nerve Damage with Wisdom Teeth Removal

I have a partially impacted wisdom tooth beneath my gum and bone. I still have all my wisdom teeth. The oral surgeon says the tooth is angled next to my second molar root canal tooth. She also said there is a risk of nerve damage. I haven’t gotten a 3D scan yet, though. I am 42 and terrified of dental appointments, let alone oral surgery. The surgeon said she would remove all four wisdom teeth to prevent future problems and another surgery. Am I high-risk? What happens if I decline the surgery? I sent a snapshot of my x-ray. Thanks. Nyah


Unfortunately, a dentist didn’t advise you to remove your wisdom teeth before they become problematic. Your x-ray shows that an oral surgeon needs to remove your lower left wisdom tooth before the risk increases and it gets infected. The tooth does not appear to affect a nerve. The wisdom tooth on the other side looks closer to the nerve and may wrap around it. Declining surgery increases the risk of infection and future complications.

Can Wisdom Tooth Removal Damage a Nerve?

X-ray of wisdom teethSometimes, wisdom teeth removal damages a nerve. An oral surgeon must tell you about the risks. Still, oral surgeons use a 3D scan for details on tooth anatomy, bones, and nerves to remove a tooth without nerve damage. Many oral surgeons emphasize or exaggerate the risks for protection against lawsuits.

Although tooth angle makes removal more complex, an oral surgeon understands how to remove it safely. You can expect swelling after the extraction that will decrease in a few days.

Ensure you have a skilled oral surgeon who has removed scores of wisdom teeth, and you will be okay. You can expect an oral surgeon to use a 3D scan to evaluate each tooth, its position, and the location of your nerves.

An oral surgeon will give you sedation before your procedure, so you can relax without interrupting your care. The surgeon will recommend sedation based on your anxiety level and the complexity of wisdom teeth removal.

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