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Can a Sonic Toothbrush Loosen a Crown?

Posted by AllSmiles

Dental crown, which should not loosen if cemented properlyI know that dentists and hygienists use ultrasonic tools in the office. I have a new ultrasonic toothbrush that I’ve used since March. Could it have loosened my new crown? My dentist didn’t tell me what type of toothbrush to use on the crown. I just figured that I would use an ultrasonic toothbrush to ensure I cleaned around the crown well. Is the toothbrush damaging the crown?  Gia – Indiana



High-powered ultrasonic scalers in a dental office can remove a cemented dental post from a tooth. A scaler’s rigid tip transfers the vibrations’ full strength to the treatment area. Removing a dental post requires the dentist to press firmly on it for an extended period to loosen it.

Can a Sonic Toothbrush Loosen a Dental Crown?

The sonic vibrations in your electric toothbrush are designed to gently loosen plaque, not to separate a dental crown from the cement that bonds it. If your dentist properly cemented your crown to your tooth, it should not loosen at all.

However, a loose dental crown requires immediate attention. Call your dentist’s office for an exam to determine why your crown is loose. New crowns should not loosen at all. It seems something went wrong with the cementing process that your dentist must correct. Without a strong bond between your tooth and the dental crown, it can affect your bite, other teeth, and the crown’s longevity.

If your dentist cannot resolve the issue, we recommend scheduling a prompt second opinion with an advanced cosmetic dentist with post-graduate occlusion and bite training. This will ensure you get your dental crown cemented properly.


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