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Keep Getting a Dental Crown Re-Cemented or Ask for a New One?

Posted by AllSmiles

I had a root canal on my upper left first molar tooth about 12 years ago. The crown fell off early last year, so my dentist prepared my tooth and replaced the crown. It’s fallen off three times, and my dentist re-cements it. I am concerned about why the crown won’t stay on. Should I keep getting the crown re-cemented, or should I get a new one? I’m considering finding a same-day dentist to re-cement the crown the next time it falls off. Thanks. Harper from Nashville


Why Does a Dental Crown Repeatedly Fall Off?

When a dental crown repeatedly falls off, the problem is most often how the tooth was prepared for the crown rather than a dentist’s cementing technique.

When a Root Canal Tooth Can’t Hold a Crown

When a root canal tooth lacks enough structure to support a dental crown, a must build up the tooth to improve crown retention. When a patient has some tooth structure to build upon, many skilled dentists follow a process like this:

  • Remove some of the root canal filler material
  • Place a flexible fiberglass post about 2/3 the tooth length into the canal and cement it in place
  • Bond composite to the post and tooth
  • Bond the crown to the built-up tooth

Schedule a second opinion with a skilled dentist rather than waiting for the crown to fall off again and finding a same-day appointment. You can’t get treatment during an emergency visit because it requires forethought to build up the tooth to support a crown. The photographs on this page show a treatment option that may benefit you.

Remember that crown retention relies on some tooth structure and the post. If you don’t have any tooth structure left, the functions of chewing and biting will break the post. The crown will fall off again. When you don’t have enough tooth structure to build up with composite, a dentist may recommend tooth replacement, such as a dental implant or a dental bridge.

Look for an experienced dentist, schedule a consultation, and ask about treatment options.

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