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I Can’t Afford a Dentist to Treat My Tooth Infection

Posted by AllSmiles

I do not have dental insurance, so I am asking for advice on what I can do to treat a tooth infection. The toothache is intense most of the day. Yesterday, the swelling in my cheek increased so much that it is noticeable. A friend asked me if I am okay because she noticed the lump on the side of my face. How can I treat the infection? – Matt



Tooth infections are serious. Unfortunately, over time, they spread beyond the tooth.

How to Treat a Tooth Infection

Although many people think of taking antibiotics to treat a tooth infection, a dentist must perform root canal treatment first. Antibiotics alone are not enough for several reasons:

  • Location of the infection—The infection is inside the tooth. Antibiotics cannot access the tooth pulp and remove the infection.
  • Infection requires removal—Root canal treatment is the only way to remove an infection from a tooth. If you do not get root canal treatment, the bacteria will become antibiotic-resistant. After root canal treatment, the dentist will protect the weakened tooth with a dental crown.
  • Tooth infections spread – A tooth infection can spread into your jawbone, throat, bloodstream, and brain. 

If You Cannot Afford Root Canal Treatment

If you cannot afford root canal treatment, extracting a tooth is better than a lingering infection. A dentist’s preference is to preserve a natural tooth for several reasons:

  • When a tooth is missing, other teeth drift into the space.
  • Depending on the missing tooth’s location, it may affect chewing or speech.
  • Shifting teeth misaligning your bite can lead to TMJ problems, including earaches, headaches, jaw pain or neck pain.

Consider a dental clinic

Many communities have dental clinics or programs for people who cannot afford dental care. Search online for a local dental society and ask about a clinic or program for free care.

Dental office

Many dental offices accept emergency appointments and offer payment plans or care at a reduced fee. You might find a dentist who will let you pay whatever you can afford.

Your oral health and overall health are at risk. Please do not try to treat a tooth infection at home. Get help right away.

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