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Cosmetic Dentistry: An Overview

Posted by clburke

If you are suffering from multiple dental problems that are serious in nature, you may be a good candidate for comprehensive cosmetic dentistry treatments in Chandler, AZ. Intended for those facing especially severe problems that affect most or all teeth and gums, a smile makeover involves treating you with a combination of any number of different procedures in an effort to restore your oral health and give you a serious smile makeover.

Reasons for Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

While patients seek smile makeovers for a variety of reasons, you may consider doing so if you suffer from:

Missing teeth (due to trauma, decay, gum disease and so on)
• Cracked or damaged teeth
• Severely eroded teeth (often caused by eating habits or teeth-grinding)
• Jaw or headache pain stemming from bite issues

While the types of treatments and procedures used during your treatment will vary based on the kinds of issues you are experiencing, William Walden, D.D.S., will likely use some combination of the following in treating your teeth and gums. Please note that some of these processes may require the use of general or local anesthesia.

Common Components of the Full Mouth Reconstruction

You can expect that your full mouth reconstruction will entail multiple procedures and trips to the dentist as well as some combination of:

• Restorative procedures (fillings, veneers and crowns)
• Periodontal procedures (scaling, gum surgery, tissue or bone grafting)
• Oral surgeries (tooth extractions, root canal treatments and so on)
• Dental implant placement
• Cosmetic treatments
Though comprehensive cosmetic treatments typically involve treatments that are deemed necessary as opposed to elective, the end result is the same: a dramatically improved smile that is as healthy as it is easy on the eyes.

Stop Hiding Your Smile
Dr. Walden can help you learn more about these treatments and determine whether you are a good candidate. To schedule an

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