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Focus on Family this Holiday Season, Not Uncomfortable Dentures

Posted by clburke

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is highlighted by one thing: the food. Being able to comfortably eat all the scrumptious treats at this big feast is a must. However, it is dependent on having no issues with your teeth.

If you are stuck with ill-fitting dentures, you could be dreading the holiday season. It is tough to chew on a good roasted turkey leg when your teeth keep slipping out of your mouth. If you don’t want to be regulated to eating mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie filling, then it is time to start thinking about implant supported dentures.

What Are They?

Dentures that are supported by an implant are much different than your standard dentures. These implants use a screw that is put into your jaw bone. The fake tooth is then attached to the screw and secured in your mouth.

Your dentist will take steps to custom fit each tooth so what you end up with is a mouth full of natural looking teeth. They will fit perfectly and function just as your natural teeth did. There is no risk of slipping, no gun irritating due to rubbing and no issues eating your favorite Thanksgiving treats.

What Are Other Benefits?

Beyond just making eating easier, having implants can give you a self-esteem boost. Dentures that do not fit right can affect your speech and make you self-conscious. With implants, you will never have to worry about them slipping out of place and making it difficult to speak. You can talk to friends and family members this holiday season with a confidence you never had with dentures.

As you look towards the holiday season, don’t let yourself get down about your dentures. Stop in and talk to Dr. Walden about your options and what implants can do for you. Learn if they are a good choice for your situation and how they can make this holiday season the best one yet.

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