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Implants and Dentures – Which Option is Best For You?

Posted by clburke

I frequently consult with patients about implants and dentures, especially poor fitting lower dentures. Its very true that lower dentures are a challenge, as they rely on gravity, facial muscles, and the tongue to stay in place. The upper usually stays in place due to suction, but because of the shape of the lower jaw bone, its near impossible to have any suction on bottom.

With this in mind, there are four options to consider.
1. New Traditional Dentures
2. Implant Retained Dentures
3. Hybrid Dentures
4. Implant Supported Crown and Bridge

Sometimes a new set of dentures are all that’s required. However, the down side is the only reason we keep a lot of bone in our jaws is because of our teeth. And when the teeth go away, eventually the bone does too. So, the good fit only lasts for a while.

An implant retained denture is where a couple of implants are placed and a denture is fabricated that snaps on to the implants. Normally we only do this on the lower and the denture is still taken out at night and to be cleaned.

Hybrid dentures, frequently called “all on 4 denture,” is a denture supported by 4 to 6 implants and is screwed into place. Its off the tissue high enough to clean under it with out removing. The prosthesis is still made of plastic but stays in place at all times.

Implant supported Crown and Bridge is usually 6 implants, is made of dental gold and Porcelain, and is screwed into place. It is as close as we can get today to your natural teeth in appearance, comfort and function.

Do you have questions on which option may be best for you? Let me help! Contact my Chandler, Arizona dental office at (480) 755-1661.

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