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Improve Your Smile With a Cosmetic Dentist in Chandler, AZ

Posted by clburke

There are a number of reasons why visiting a cosmetic dentist could be beneficial for your dental issues. Dr. Walden uses a variety of procedures to not only improve the aesthetics of your smile, but also improve the function of your teeth and jaw as well as prevent future decay and bone loss.

Tooth Replacement

If you are missing a tooth due to decay, disease, or injury, it is extremely important to fill in that gap. Not only does that gap interfere with a beautiful smile, but it also causes the teeth around it to move, causing functional issues in your mouth. In our office, we provide a variety of options to help fix this issue.

Bridges or partial dentures are popular options for teeth replacement. Bridges are a more permanent solution and a partial implants are usually temporary and more affordable. Both options correct chewing and speech difficulties and protect bone health. We can consult with you and determine if either procedure is a good choice for your situation.

Dental crowns are also options when you do not need a complete replacement. A crown is usually placed over a section of your natural tooth, and is often recommended if you have a broken or weak tooth.

Improve Physical Appearance

Cosmetic dentistry can also be used for purely aesthetic reasons. Because a smile is something that everyone sees, many people want to feel confident with their teeth. Dr. Walden offers a number of methods to help improve the look of your smile. One option is teeth whitening, which helps to brighten up dark and stained teeth. We provide professional-grade kits that can be used at home on your own schedule. Other smile-improving procedures that we offer include porcelain veneers and Lumineers®.

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