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Why Do My New Crowns Hurt When I Chew?

Posted by AllSmiles

Two months ago, my dentist placed crowns on my top left second bicuspid, first molar, and second molar. I do not have any wisdom teeth left. I had deep decay and old fillings on all three teeth. At least two teeth hurt when I chew on that side of my mouth. New crowns on three teeth in a row make it hard to tell where the pain originated. When I put pressure on the three teeth with my finger, two hurt more than the others. My dentist adjusted the crowns twice but said I chew food too aggressively when eating. He suggested alternating chewing on the left and right sides of my mouth. I disagree with him because I did not have the problem before getting new crowns. The pain almost feels like nerve exposure. Should I ask for new crowns? – Thanks. Nathan


Based on your description, the problem seems unrelated to forceful chewing. Your new crowns seem to be causing your symptoms.

Why Do Your New Back-Teeth Crowns Hurt?

A dental crown for a molar toothIf your new back teeth crowns hurt when chewing, two possible causes are a bite that is too high or one or more teeth are infected.

  • Adjusting your bite—When your bite is too high, the lower teeth hit the crowned teeth harder than the other. The repetition makes the teeth sensitive. Over time, your jaw muscles and joints can become irritated and sore. You may also experience neck pain, earaches, or headaches. However, if your dentist has adjusted your bite twice, an infection may be the issue.
  • Tooth infection—Your dentist can take X-rays to see if your problem teeth are infected. Sometimes, signs of tooth infection are subtle and require the skill of a root canal specialist (endodontist). The intensity of your pain suggests that you may need root canal treatment.

Will You Need New Crowns After Root Canal Treatment?

An endodontist (root canal specialist) can open your new crowns for root canal treatment. You will only need new crowns if your current crowns are defective or contributing to your tooth irritation.

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