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My New Front-Teeth Fillings Are the Wrong Color

Posted by AllSmiles

I am just as embarrassed as before I got fillings for my front teeth. The new fillings are the wrong color. The fillings look like spackling filler on a wall before it gets painted. The problem is that my dentist thinks he is finished with the work. I regret getting the fillings, so now I am looking at dental crowns to cover the teeth. I am still worried that they wouldn’t match my natural teeth either. Should I ask my dentist to try to get the color right? I am afraid that this drama will go on for months. Thanks. Bella


We understand your concerns. Front teeth are easily visible even when you are not smiling. People can see your teeth when you talk. Find a dentist who can achieve a color match that looks so natural that people can’t tell you had cosmetic dental work.

Your fillings are discolored because your dentist needs more training and experience with bonding materials to achieve a match. Endless bonding shades exist to match every tooth shade. A dentist with post-graduate cosmetic dentistry training understands how to manipulate bonding to match your natural teeth’s translucence, texture, and gloss.

Please don’t let your frustration lead you to asking a dentist for crowns. A dentist must grind down your healthy front teeth for crowns. A dentist who understands how to conceal the imperfections in your teeth will not grind them down for crowns but will work to preserve as much tooth structure as possible. You won’t be happy if you allow a general dentist to crown your front teeth.

Look for cosmetic dentists in your area using the tips below:

  • Ask friends or coworkers for recommendations.
  • Check dental websites for training and credentials.
  • Look for a smile gallery on the website or ask to see before and after pictures during a consultation.
  • Check Google or Yelp reviews about the dentist’s work.
  • Schedule consultations with at least two dentists before choosing one to replace your dental bonding.
Before and after dental bonding pictures on front teeth
Dental bonding can seamlessly blend with a natural tooth

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